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Grand Island Man Arrested Following Fatal Thanksgiving Day Car Crash

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A 29-year-old resident of Grand Island was arrested for felony motor vehicle homicide recently after a single vehicle crash claimed the life of one of his passengers. A report from TheIndependent.com states that the fatal accident occurred at 2:30 a.m. on November 22 at the intersection of Brady Road and Third Avenue in St. Libory, NE. The 29-year-old man was driving west on Third Avenue when he lost control of a 2005 Cadillac, causing the vehicle to roll over. A press release from the Howard County Sherriff’s Department indicates that the vehicle came to rest on its wheels.

The press release also states that speed and alcohol are both being considered factors in the deadly accident. Troopers with the Nebraska State Patrol assisted with the accident investigation.

The 22-year-old victim was riding in the backseat with no seatbelt, but he was not ejected from the vehicle. The two other passengers in the car were a 21-year-old and 29-year-old from Grand Island who were both taken to St. Francis Medical Center for treatment of their injuries. The driver of the vehicle was treated at the hospital before being taken to Hall County Jail. Read the rest »

Seasonal Safety in Nebraska: Fire Prevention Tips for the Holiday Season

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NE Holiday Fire AccidentWith the recently celebrated Thanksgiving holiday, Nebraskans are undoubtedly looking forward to celebrating the remainder of the holiday season, which includes shopping for gifts, festive holiday parties, and holiday decorations. Adorning your home, inside and out, with seasonal decorations is one of the most fun things to do during the holidays, but if not done with safety in mind, it can create unsafe hazards for you and your family.

Courtesy of the Queens Gazette, the following are safety tips for decorating your home this holiday season to help prevent a dangerous fire:

  • Make sure to extinguish any open flames, such as candles, before leaving any room. Matches and candles should also be kept away from children, as well as out of reach.
  • Check decorative lights for frayed wires before using them, and use only “UL” (Underwriters Laboratory) or “FM” (Factory Mutual) approved lights. Read the rest »

Study Shows Brain Injury, Pesticide Exposure Increase Risk of Parkinson’s Disease

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Nebraska Brain Injury AccidentA new study published in a November issue of Neurology finds that people who have suffered a traumatic brain injury and lived in an area with exposure to a specific pesticide may be three times more likely to develop Parkinson’s disease. For the study, researchers compared a group of 357 people with Parkinson’s to 754 individuals without the neurological condition who resided in an agricultural area in central California, and participants were asked to report any head injuries which resulted in a loss of consciousness for more than five minutes.

The researchers then mapped out the participants’ exposure to paraquats, a toxic herbicide. Ingesting this herbicide, which is primarily used for weed and grass control, can lead to serious health problems such as respiratory failure and organ failure.

The study determined that those with Parkinson’s disease were 36 percent more likely to report exposure to paraquat than those without the condition, and that individuals with Parkinson’s were twice as likely to have had a head injury. Ultimately, the greatest risk was found in people who reported both a head injury and exposure to paraquat. Read the rest »

NTSB Issues Safety Wish List of Most Wanted Transportation Improvements

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Nebraska Car Safety TechnologyThe National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), which is the government agency responsible for investigating civil transportation accidents, has issued its seasonal wish list of their most-wanted safety improvements.

With official suggestions on everything from ensuring bridge inspection training is comprehensive to improving aviation pilot training, the NTSB hopes that in the new year significant safety improvements can be made that will save lives.

Several of their suggested top 10 improvements focus on preventing traffic accidents, and the following is more information on each of these recommended safety ideals:

  1. Distracted driving: The NTSB proposes that states and regulators ban nonessential cell phone use and other distracting devices by those who drive cars, planes, trucks, trains, and vessels. The group also suggests that device manufacturers should help by developing technology that disables the devices when within reach of the driver. Read the rest »

Number of Pedestrian Deaths in Nebraska at Highest Since 2000

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As reported by TheIndependent.com, the total number of pedestrian fatalities on the roadways of Nebraska has reached its highest level since the year 2000. As of mid-October, there were 14 pedestrian deaths in Nebraska in 2012, which is up from the seven that occurred in all of 2011. The Nebraska Office of Highway Safety reports that the state hasn’t had double digits in pedestrian fatalities since 2003 when there were 12. A Highway Safety Administrator for NE states that there is no pattern as to when, why, or how the deaths have occurred, saying they have been in big cities, small towns, and at different times of day.

The Highway Safety Administrator says that one reason for the higher than average number is that there are more vehicles on the road than ever before. In addition, the unseasonably warm weather may also be a contributing factor as it brought more people outside for longer periods of time. According to AAA Nebraska, an average of 430 pedestrians are injured in traffic crashes on Nebraska roads annually. Read the rest »

Holiday Travel Safety: Tips to Prevent Drowsy Driving

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NE Fatigued Driving PreventionWith the Thanksgiving holiday fast approaching and other festive holidays right behind it in December, many Nebraskans may be planning trips to spend time with friends and family and celebrate the holiday season. While road trips out of town can be memorable and enjoyable for you and your family, it is essential to drive safely and responsibly in order to ensure you and your loved ones arrive safely at your destination. Driving drowsy, or tired, is a common hazard for motorists traveling a long distance and can be an especially dangerous practice behind the wheel.

As such, the National Sleep Foundation has joined with the AAA Foundation to educate drivers about sleep safety in honor of Drowsy Driving Prevention Week, which is November 12-18. The foundations offer the following safety tips to prevent a drowsy-related auto accident: Read the rest »

Emergency Room Accident Prevention: Tips to Plan Ahead for an Emergency Room Trip

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Annually, emergency rooms across the U.S. see more than 123 million visitors, and the constant demand for professional medical care to treat injured and ill patients may lead to mistakes, errors in judgment, and failure of medical care. Emergency room malpractice and negligence, such as errors in diagnosis, unnecessary surgery, and misread X-ray results, can cause undue damage and significant harm to emergency room patients.

In order to prevent a serious emergency room accident, increase efficiency, and improve processes while you are seeking emergency care, Nebraskans should consider the following tips to prepare for possible future trips to the emergency room:

  • Consider keeping a current patient medical history diary to track things such as medication usage and immunizations. In the event the ER you are visiting is not associated with your primary care doctor, keeping a medical history record can be very beneficial. Read the rest »

Meningitis Outbreak Highlights Need for New Authority over Compounding Pharmacies

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The recent fungal meningitis outbreak, which was linked to contaminated steroid injections manufactured by the Massachusetts-based New England Compounding Center (NECC), has brought to light the need for stricter regulations over these specialty pharmacies. According to a report by The New York Times, the NECC has a troubled history that includes failure to follow standard procedures to keep its facility clean and products sterile, as well as violating state law by selling compounds in bulk without prescriptions for individual patients. The MA-based pharmacy apparently escaped sanctions over the years despite repeated complaints.

State regulators, who are responsible for policing compounding pharmacies, reportedly did very little monitoring before this fatal outbreak, which has currently claimed the lives of 30 people and sickened 419 as of November 5. The regulatory system that oversees pharmaceutical compounding essentially failed and needs to be strengthened in order to prevent another serious outbreak and protect innocent patients from harm. Read the rest »