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The U.S. Army and the NFL Join Forces to Tackle Traumatic Brain Injury

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Nebraska NFL Traumatic Brain InjuryAccording to a FtLeavenworthLamp.com report, a forum sponsored by the National Football League (NFL) and the United States Army was held to tackle the serious topic of traumatic brain injury (TBI). The forum aimed to explore how to protect soldiers and players from the long-term affects of concussions and TBIs, with the NFL honoring its August agreement to initiate efforts to protect its professional athletes. During a panel discussion, Lt. General David Perkins stated that this significant health issue is “not an Army problem. It’s not a football problem. It really is a health problem across our nation.”

In order to protect those who serve the U.S., the Department of Defense (DOD) issued an instruction in September requiring any military service member who may have been exposed to a “potentially concussive event” to be pulled off duty for at least 24 hours and given medical clearance before returning to duty. Any further exposures require a longer stay and more evaluation before reporting back. Read the rest »

Nebraska State Patrol Trooper Injured While Investigating I-80 Truck Crash

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A trooper with the Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) was investigating an I-80 truck accident near Roscoe when another semi truck hit his vehicle. As reported by the North Platte Bulletin, the initial crash occurred around 1:35 a.m. on December 20 when a jack-knifed semi truck slid off the road into the median. The accident also involved several smaller vehicles. As the trooper was investigating the NE truck accident, another semi truck slid into the Nebraska State Patrol cruiser.

The trooper and the 73-year-old truck driver of the first accident were sitting in the cruiser at the time of the collision. Both men were taken to the hospital in Ogallala for treatment of their injuries, and the trooper was kept overnight. According to an NSP official, the truck driver was treated and released. The driver of the truck that hit the cruiser was not injured in the crash. Read the rest »

Winter in Nebraska Brings Increased Risk of CO Poisoning

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NE Carbon Monoxide DangersCarbon monoxide (CO), known as the “silent killer,” is a colorless, tasteless, and odorless gas that is extremely dangerous to a person when inhaled, especially during prolonged exposure. As such, officials are warning of the increased risk of carbon monoxide poisoning in the cold weather months. The Wadena Pioneer Journal reports that carbon monoxide incidents increase by more than 10 percent during the winter months, so while the mercury continues to drop, it is essential for Nebraskans to prevent CO poisoning and keep those in their home safe.

A carbon monoxide detector is one of the best ways to prevent dangerous CO exposure, and these “alarms” should be installed in a central location outside bedrooms and on every level of your home. To maximize the effectiveness of the detectors, consider linking the alarms to each other so that when they sound, they all sound together. In addition, be sure to test the alarm monthly and replace the batteries promptly when needed. Read the rest »

Dozens of Lawsuits Filed Against Pharmacy Responsible for Meningitis Outbreak

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As reported by Nola.com, at least 50 federal lawsuits have been filed against the New England Compounding Center (NECC), which is the Framingham-based pharmacy responsible for contaminated steroid injections that led to a deadly meningitis outbreak this year. The lawsuits allege that the NECC negligently produced the defective product, and families are seeking millions in damages for lost wages, mental and emotional suffering, painful physical recoveries, and the death of a spouse.
As of December 13, more than 500 people have gotten sick after receiving the contaminated injection and 37 have died due to the outbreak.

To streamline the legal process, attorneys on both sides have asked to have a single judge preside over the pretrial and discovery phases for all of the federal lawsuits, which is known as multidistrict litigation (MDL). This approach would prevent inconsistent pretrial rulings and conserve the resources of the parties, but the lawsuits would eventually be returned to the judges in the original district for trial. Read the rest »

Arrests for Drunk Driving Increase During the Holidays in NE

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The Lincoln Police Department reports that more people are driving drunk during the holiday season this year. As reported by JournalStar.com, Lincoln officers have arrested 81 motorists for driving under the influence (DUI) during the first nine days of December, which is an increase of 84 percent compared to last year when only 44 were arrested on similar charges. The 62 men and 19 women arrested during this period had an average blood alcohol level of 0.164 percent, which is more than twice the legal limit. The average age of the arrested drivers was 24, including nine 20-year-olds.

Nebraska DUI Accident VictimDue to the spike in drunk driving during the holidays, these arrests were made as part of the annual Lincoln Police Department’s “You Drink & Drive. You Lose.”campaign, which runs from December 1-29. The Nebraska Office of Highway Safety helps pay for extra law enforcement officers during peak drinking times; specifically, 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. The report notes that in 2011 officers arrested a total of 1,875 drivers in Lincoln for drunk driving, and two-thirds of the arrests occurred between 1 and 3 a.m. Read the rest »

Train Accidents: Causes and Tips for Prevention

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NE Train Accident Passenger InjuryTrain accidents are exceptionally dangerous and are unfortunately common across the nation. According to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), more than 3,000 train accidents occur annually in the U.S., which lead to death, severe injuries, and property damage. In addition, national statistics show that there is a U.S. train accident every two hours. With these alarming statistics, it is essential Nebraska residents understand the causes of train accidents and are aware of safety tips that can keep you safe while near or crossing a railroad track.

There are a number of causes of train accidents, but some of the primary causes include: human factors; equipment defects; defects with signals; and a defect with the train track. As most of these causes are out of your control, practicing safety when you are walking near train tracks in Nebraska or are crossing them with your vehicle can help prevent a dangerous accident. Read the rest »

Tree of Love Project Gives Gifts to NE Nursing Home Residents for the Holidays

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According to a StarHerald.com report, Box Butte County RSVP volunteers were busily decorating a special Christmas tree recently, which may make the holidays brighter for nursing home residents in Nebraska. The annual Tree of Love project provides gifts for the elderly who cannot afford a gift or may not have any family, and the decorative tree this year was set up at the Bank of the West in Hemingford. Each ornament on the Tree of Love represents each of the 30 residents at the Hemingford Community Care Center (HCCC) and it contains the name of the resident and a gift idea for that person.

Local residents are invited to select a name from this unique tree and purchase a holiday gift for the individual, and gift buyers are encouraged to return the package by December 14. The charitable RSVP volunteers have also set up a Tree of Love in Alliance at Thiele Gifts & More. The tree in Thiele contains ornaments for the 106 residents at the Good Samaritan and Highland Park senior living facilities. Benevolent gift-givers are asked to return wrapped items to Thiele Gifts & More by December 7 for residents of Highland Park and by December 14 for Good Samaritan residents. Read the rest »

Study Shows Link between Truck Driver Obesity and Increased Crash Risk

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Truck Driver Crash RiskA new study has revealed a connection between a truck driver’s risk of being involved in an accident and his or her body mass index (BMI). As reported by TruckingInfo.com, Stephen Burks, a former truck driver and behavioral economist, worked with Schneider International to study truck driver health and safety and asked 744 rookie drivers with the company for their height and weight. With this information, each drivers BMI was calculated, and those with a BMI higher than 25 were considered overweight and greater than 30 was considered obese.

The study followed these drivers for two years in order to determine any possible connection to a truck operator’s BMI numbers and how it related to crash rates. Read the rest »