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Wal-Mart Wants Higher Standards from Chinese Vendors

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NE Defective Toy AccidentAmericans do not want it all. But Americans do demand that the products they buy are safe to use, to consume, and to enjoy. The Omaha product liability attorneys at Cullan & Cullan, LLC understand the American public’s concern for safe products free of defects that might harm their children, their friends, or themselves.

As reported in The Washington Post, the CEO of Lutex, a cosmetics and soap maker, has been urged to pay attention to details. The factory is located in Shenzhen in southern China, with Wal-Mart being the company’s largest customer. Wal-Mart has had past concerns about the number of recalled products that were manufactured in China. Toys have been a major concern. The company has recently put into place a five-step plan it calls the Toy Safety Net Program and is trying, in cooperation with the Toy Industry Association, to help Chinese companies implement new safety procedures. Read the rest »

Bellevue Family Wants Baby Daughter’s Story to Inspire Blood Donations

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Our children are our most precious commodities. They deserve to be brought into the world by careful professionals, and they deserve accurate and timely diagnoses of medical conditions that present themselves early in life. Personal injury, medical malpractice, and failure-to-diagnose cases are best handled by attorneys like those at Cullan & Cullan, LLC, where our Omaha child injury lawyers are also physicians.

Courtesy of ABC News 6, a Bellevue, Nebraska family is sponsoring a blood drive to honor their baby daughter who will turn one in February. In order to stay alive, she is in need of regular blood transfusions. She received her first transfusion when she was only a few days old. Their daughter has required a blood transfusion every five to six weeks since that first one — a total of nine so far. Read the rest »

Vehicle Speed a Common Factor in Omaha Injury Accidents

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According to the National Safety Council, speed is a major factor in approximately one of every three fatal motor vehicle crashes. Speed is the third leading cause of vehicle crashes. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), crashes are considered speed-related when one of the following conditions is present:

  • The driver is charged with speeding prior to the accident event.
  • The driver was going too fast for weather and road conditions present at the time of the crash.
  • The driver was racing on the highway with another driver.
  • Going over the posted speed limit contributed to the crash.

Motor vehicle accident attorneys know the danger excessive speed presents to innocent motorists on Nebraska highways. Distracted driving has been reduced with new legislation and increased awareness. So have failure to wear seat belts and driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. However, injuries and deaths due to speeding continue at an alarming rate. Read the rest »

Motion to Dismiss Charges Rejected for Court Case on Nebraska Truck Accident that Killed Family

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Driving a tractor trailer on Nebraska’s interstate highways carries with it the serious responsibility of driving safely, unimpaired, and rested. Nebraska truck accident wrongful death attorneys understand this responsibility and are there to help when truck drivers cause crashes due to unsafe driving behaviors.

As reported by Omaha.com, an Illinois truck driver faces five counts of motor vehicle homicide and four counts of manslaughter for a September 2012 crash near Sidney on Interstate 80. The driver’s motion for the charges to be dismissed in the fatal accident has been rejected by a Cheyenne County District Court judge.

According to prosecutors in the case, the man violated federal commercial motor vehicle regulations by driving in excess of 15 consecutive hours at the time the crash occurred. He was reportedly so tired that he did not see emergency lights flashing on other tractor-trailers. He also failed to heed radio traffic advice to slow down because he was approaching an accident. Witnesses to the crash report that the man failed to brake or to slow his rig down prior to the crash. Read the rest »

Understanding Propane Grill Safety

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No matter how careful those who use propane grills are, accidents can happen. Some of these accidents could have been prevented with knowledge. Unfortunately, some are unavoidable because the grill itself may have been manufactured with a defective part. The Nebraska personal injury attorneys at Cullan & Cullan, LLC know how important it is to be safe around potentially dangerous products. They also understand that sometimes the product itself is to blame for injuries that may occur.

The U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in Washington, DC has, through its Office of Information and Public Affairs, released the following gas grill safety checks:

  • Make certain the hoses and tubing have no sharp bends.
  • Hoses need to be located far away from hot grease drippings and hot surfaces. Some gas grills have heat shields installed to protect hoses.
  • Use a wire to periodically clear the tubes leading to the burners. Read the rest »

Propane Grill Explosion Causes Second-Degree Burns to Reporter Hannah Storm

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As reported by CBSNews.com, former CBS morning anchor and current ESPN reporter, Hannah Storm, nearly missed hosting the Rose Bowl parade after she suffered first- and second-degree burns to her hands, chest, face, and neck in a propane grill explosion. Ms. Storm was preparing supper outside her Connecticut home when the burner’s flame went out. She shut off the propane supply, but when she tried to restart the grill, an explosion occurred and she was exposed to a wall of flames. Everything happened in a moment’s time. The sound of the explosion was so loud that one neighbor thought a tree had fallen into the home.

Storm was transported by ambulance to Westchester Medical Center where she was treated in the burn/trauma center for a day. Half of her hair was gone along with her eyelashes and eyebrows. For the telecast three weeks after the explosion occurred, a makeup artist had to redraw her eyebrows, and she had to wear hair extensions. Read the rest »

Strategies for the Early Detection of Cerebral Palsy

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Nebraska Birth Brain InjuryCerebral palsy is a disorder affecting an individual’s capacity for movement and maintaining posture. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in 303 children has cerebral palsy in the U.S. Heath professionals must detect the disorder as soon as possible. They must identify conditions/circumstances that could lead to cerebral palsy.

If the fetus is in distress, actions must be taken quickly to avoid oxygen deprivation, a recognized cause of cerebral palsy. At Cullan & Cullan, our Nebraska cerebral palsy injury lawyers understand that dangerous conditions often go undiagnosed. Experience among medical professionals varies. Labor and delivery nurses may be inexperienced at recognizing abnormalities before and during birth and harm to the newborn can result. Families are left to cope with conditions/disabilities that may occur or worsen as the result of the medical error or lack of early detection. Read the rest »

Filing a Complaint with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

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Nebraska Truck Accident SafetyOnce a year, the U.S. Department of Transportation publishes motor vehicle crash data. According to Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) data, 32,885 individuals lost their lives in motor vehicle crashes in 2010. A total of 3,413 of those deaths were in collisions involving large trucks and only 14 percent of those deaths were occupants of large trucks. Drivers and passengers of cars, small trucks, and SUV’s made up 72 percent of those fatalities. Thirteen percent of all deaths occurred among motorcycle and bicycle riders and pedestrians. In Nebraska, there were 166 fatal crashes in which 190 people lost their lives.

Warning the FMCSA about Dangers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), in order to reduce the number of fatalities nationwide, has put into place its National Consumer Complaint Database. The database is intended to improve the safety of the public and drivers, and allow the industry to help police itself. A toll-free number has been provided for the filing of complaints: (888) DOT-SAFT or (888) 368-7238. Information may include the following: Read the rest »