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Meningitis Litigation Centralized in State Where Alleged Contamination Occurred

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Plaintiffs in the more than 120 suits filed against the New England Compounding Center where a steroid was produced that allegedly led to an outbreak of fungal meningitis requested that their cases be centralized in Minnesota. However, the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation has assigned the suits to a judge in Boston, Massachusetts instead. The suits were filed against a pharmacy that has been linked to an outbreak of fungal meningitis in 20 states.

As reported by The Associated Press and published on boston.com, Massachusetts is the state where the alleged contamination occurred. State and federal investigation into the company’s practices are focused in that state. The defendant, the New England Compounding Center, was headquartered in Massachusetts, and that is the state where their bankruptcy case is pending. Primary evidence, primary witnesses, and documentary evidence will all be located in Massachusetts. Read the rest »

Jury Awards $63 Million to Family of Girl Who Suffered a Serious Skin Disease after Taking Motrin

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Courtesy of CBS News, a jury in Massachusetts has awarded $63 million to a teen and her mother and father. When the girl was seven, she took ibuprofen under the brand name Motrin. Afterwards the girl lost 90 percent of her skin from a rare side effect called toxic epidermal necrolysis. Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis, also known as TENS, is a painful and potentially deadly skin disease caused by drug reaction. Infections contracted as the result of this skin disease can cause death. The young Massachusetts girl was blinded.

On Wednesday, February 13, 2013, a Plymouth Superior Court jury ordered Johnson & Johnson and its McNeil-PPC Inc. subsidiary to pay the girl and her parents $109 million which includes interest. Read the rest »

Grading Your Hospital

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In the past, Americans in need of health care put their trust in hospitals, doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals without considering that the very system whose role was to help patients could also harm patients. Gone is the time when patients were happy being passive about their medical care. When you go to a hospital seeking treatment for a single medical issue, you do not want to suffer another serious condition, infection, or injury from preventable medical errors.

On average 195,000 patients in the U.S. die each year because preventable medical errors occurred in hospitals. Medical negligence is responsible for injuring more than one million every year. Doctors, nurses, nurse anesthetists, physicians’ assistants, and other medical professionals too often exhibit carelessness. The medical malpractice attorneys at Cullan & Cullan know the huge amount of resources needed to build a strong medical malpractice case. Our attorneys are also physicians who have the specialized medical training to recognize negligence and challenge the medical and medical insurance industries. Read the rest »

Rating the Quality of Medical Care with Patient Safety Indicators

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More and more consumers today are researching the quality of hospital care. Over the past 14 years, HealthGrades has been leading the way, providing research needed in order for consumers to make informed choices.

The organization has poured through approximately 150 million hospitalization records, across 26 separate medical procedures/diagnoses to find the hospitals across the U.S. with the lowest rates of medical complications and fewest deaths resulting from medical procedures. The best are listed as HealthGrades’ 100 best or 50 best hospitals.

Consumers tend to notice the more superficial characteristics found in the hospital environment like person-to-person interaction. Unless they are medical professionals themselves, they may judge a hospital based only on nonclinical measuring sticks. If they were treated with kindness and respect, that may be what they tell their friends and family members. The more technical aspects of healthcare that matter most, though, may be difficult to determine on one’s own. Examples include details about quality of surgical care, medical procedure complication rates, etc. Read the rest »

Bellevue, Nebraska Police Officer Ticketed after Crash

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After a chase ending in a crash, a Sarpy County deputy issued a citation to the Bellevue police officer involved. Courtesy of KETV Omaha ABC 7 and WOWT NBC 6, just after noon on Thursday, January 31, 2013, Officer Jason Melrose of the Bellevue, Nebraska Police Department saw a car he thought to be suspiciously parked at Swanson Park. A couple inside appeared to be having sex. Officer Melrose was concerned that the girl might be underage. When Officer Melrose approached the driver and asked for his driver’s license, the man refused to give his name and took off. Melrose immediately sped off after the vehicle.

The Nebraska car accident attorneys at Cullan & Cullan, LLC know that motorists in the greater Omaha area must expect the unexpected whether it comes to negligent drivers who may be fleeing because of having broken the law or police officers who may themselves cause crashes. Read the rest »

One Dead on Interstate 80 When Semi Collides with Pickup Truck

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As reported by KETV Omaha ABC 7, January 30th, 2013, an Iowa woman lost her life after becoming involved in a crash with a tractor-trailer on Interstate 80. The accident happened at approximately 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday, January 29th, near Dexter in northwest Adair County, western Iowa.

According to the Iowa State Patrol accident report, the victim, age 41, of Council Bluffs was traveling westbound when she lost control of her pick-up truck and crossed over the Interstate’s median. Her small 2006 Chevrolet Colorado pick-up truck was then struck in the passenger side of the vehicle by a semi truck.

The attorneys at Cullan & Cullan, LLC, understand that accidents involving light trucks or passenger cars and large tractor-trailers too often result in fatalities or serious injuries. Drivers and passengers in light vehicles suffer most. The attorneys at Cullan & Cullan are also physicians. They know that accidents involving wrongful death or serious injuries can turn lives of families upside down. Read the rest »

Distracted Driving Departing Transportation Secretary’s Most Passionate Work

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U.S. Transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood said Tuesday, January 29, that his plans are to step down from his position in the Obama administration. LaHood is well known for his efforts to curb distracted driving as well as a number of other important safety efforts. LaHood told the Associated Press that he informed President Obama of his intentions one week after the election. LaHood, age 67, served seven Congressional terms before accepting the position of Transportation Secretary.

During his tenure, LaHood implemented thousands of projects to improve our nation’s infrastructure. Roads and bridges were replaced and/or improved; transit and highway programs were overhauled, providing states with the flexibility needed in spending federal monies; and auto makers were impacted with tougher new-vehicle fuel efficiency standards. Under his guidance the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) put into place a set of new rules limiting the maximum amount of time pilots can spend on duty and in flight assignments. Limits were placed on the number of overnight hours pilots could fly. Read the rest »

Brominated Vegetable Oil Spurs Soft Drink Controversy

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Our families’ health takes precedence over all else. We take for granted that ingredients of soft drinks are tested safe for our children to drink. One ingredient found in ten percent of soft drinks sold in the U.S., brominated vegetable oil, has recently spawned controversy. The Nebraska product liability lawyers at Cullan & Cullan, LLC, are aware of the newfound interest on the part of the American consumer to know ingredients contained in a product are safe.

One Mississippi Teen Makes a Difference

Today consumers have new tools to learn about the ingredients in the processed food we eat. They also have more interest than ever in knowing which additives are contained in drinks and other food items they and their families consume. Courtesy of The New York Times, one young lady, Sarah Kavanagh from Hattiesburg, Mississippi took matters into her own hands. Before taking a sip of Gatorade, Sarah, who is a dedicated vegetarian, read the label to see whether or not the drink contained animal products. The ingredient she was unsure of was brominated vegetable oil. She did not think it was a product from an animal, but still she wanted to do her research. Read the rest »