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Omaha Man Dies in I-80 Truck Crash

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An Omaha man, age 48, was killed in a two-semi truck collision on I-80.  As reported by ABCK2 TV, upon the arrival at the scene of the crash, state troopers found one tractor trailer truck already on fire.  According to State Trooper Troy Marrs, one truck rear-ended the other which was traveling very slowly in the eastbound land of I-80.  According to witnesses, the tractor and the trailer it struck became immediately engulfed in flames and remained burning for as much as one hour.

The driver and co-driver of the tractor that was struck got out of his truck and tried to get near enough to the other tractor to see if they could help the driver, but it was too late; the truck was already fully engulfed in flames.  At that time an explosion occurred.  They could not help the driver.  They returned to their tractor and separated their tractor from its trailer.  Then they pulled away from the trailer fearing the flames would spread. Read the rest »

One-Piece, Footed Infant Clothing Recalled by Carter’s for Possible Choking Hazard

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According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), The William Carter Company of Atlanta, Georgia and the CPSC are announcing a recall of one-piece, footed infant clothing with zippers.  The recall date is April 11, 2013.

The Hazard

The zipper pull can detach and become a possible choking hazard for infants.

The recall involves approximately 218,000 units of one-piece, footed infant clothing in eight styles.  All are made of cotton, imported from China, and come in sizes— newborn, three, six, and nine months.

Inside the neck, printed on fabric, one of three brand names can be found.  On the side seam label parents can find the printed style number.  The brand names and style numbers included in the recall are as follows: Read the rest »

Fatal Truck Crash Damages I-80 Bridge

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On March 27th, 2013, an Interstate 80 bridge carrying westbound traffic was badly damaged due to a deadly truck crash and fire.  As reported by nebraskatruckaccidents.com, due to falling concrete, the Interstate 80 business loop crossing under the damaged bridge also had to be closed to traffic.

Thousands die each year in semi-truck accidents.  Semi-truck accidents too often have serious consequences and can be deadly.  The Nebraska vehicle attorneys at Cullan & Cullan want you to stay informed about truck accidents and to be careful on highways, such as Interstate 80.

It is yet to be determined whether the bridge can be repaired or whether it will have to be totally replaced.  The damage to the bridge happened when a truck failed to negotiate a small curve just prior to the interchange.  The truck was owned by Rocky Mountain Classic Landscaping in Commerce City, Colorado.  A police spokesperson said that when the truck left the highway, it continued approximately 1,000 feet down the median, and then went airborne and crashed into one of the bridge supports. Read the rest »

Fatal Head-on Collision on I-80 between Semi and Pickup

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According to the Nebraska State Patrol, a California man was killed in a fiery collision with a tractor-trailer truck on Interstate 80.  Courtesy of Omaha World-Herald, there was a single witness to the crash who remains shaken from seeing the collision.  An Omaha truck driver saw the crash between the semi and the pickup.

The witness was driving behind a 2003 Dodge pickup that was traveling east on I-80 near Grand Island in the right-hand lane when it suddenly swerved across the median into the west bound lanes of the interstate and collided head-on with a 2010 International tractor-trailer truck.  Both vehicles came to a stop in the north ditch line and caught fire according to Captain Chris Kolb of the Nebraska State Patrol.

Kolb said that the driver of the pickup was pronounced dead at the scene.  In order to be able to positively identify the victim dental records are being examined.  The driver of the tractor-trailer truck was transported to Aurora’s Memorial Hospital where he was treated for only minor injuries and released. Read the rest »

Oral Surgeon Accused of Unsanitary Practices

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Hundreds of patients who were concerned about possibly being exposed to the virus that causes AIDS visited a health clinic to learn whether or not they were affected.  Letters began being sent out the day before to some 7,000 of the accused dentist’s patients.  As reported by the Associated Press and published in USA Today, the letters warned those who had been patients of the accused dentist over the past six years of the public health hazard caused by alleged poor hygiene at the oral surgeon’s clinics.

The screening for hepatitis C, hepatitis B, and for the virus that causes AIDS began, and according to the Tulsa Health Department, 420 former patients were tested.  Testing was to resume on Monday.

One former patient said that you believe in doctors and trust them to follow the rules.  Her trust has been betrayed.  Five months ago she had a tooth extraction at one of the surgeon’s two clinics. Read the rest »

Omaha Police Investigation—Command Officer Placed on Leave

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According to Omaha’s KETV 7 ABC, the Omaha police chief had placed a command officer on leave while an internal investigation is ongoing into a controversial arrest caught on video.  Two other Omaha police officers are also on administrative leave, and two other officers have been temporarily assigned to other duties.

The internal investigation is happening because of an incident in which police are alleged to have used excessive force while taking a man into custody. The incident was captured on video and was posted on YouTube. The video was taken from inside a home close to the scene.  It depicts a man being violently upended and thrown to the ground.  A parking violation initiated the dispute.  The man was “aggressive and argumentative and had to be taken down,” according to the police report obtained by KETV reporters.

The alleged brutality has provoked public outrage and prompted a demonstration at City Hall.  Protestors gathered there to call for action to be taken.  They no longer want Omaha police to be able to police themselves.  They want independent oversight of the Omaha Police Department. Read the rest »

Trucker Involved in Fatal Crash on Nebraska I-80 to Appear in Court

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According to Nebraska State Police, driver fatigue seems to have been an issue in an I-80 accident involving a semi tractor-trailer truck and two cars.  According to Nebraska Radio Network, a truck broke down on one of the west-bound lanes.  A semi tractor-trailer crashed into the rear of the stalled truck, killing the semi’s driver instantly.  While emergency responders were on their way to the scene of the crash, another big rig headed west on I-80 failed to slow down for the accident, and slammed into the rear of a Ford Mustang which in turn hit a Toyota Corolla, forcing it underneath another tractor-trailer stopped for the wreck.  A mother, father, and their two children died in the Corolla.  The mother was 30 weeks pregnant.

At the firm of Cullan & Cullan our Omaha truck accident lawyers understand that drivers of big rigs sometimes make poor choices, like staying behind the wheel for extended periods of time.  We believe they should be held accountable for the injuries and the loss of life they cause. Read the rest »

Drop-Side Cribs Recall Prompted by Suffocation and Entrapment Hazards

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The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) has announced a recall of PT Domusindo Perdana drop-side cribs sold exclusively at JC Penny because of entrapment and suffocation hazards.  According to a CPSC mandate it is now illegal to sell or to attempt to resell the recalled product.  The cribs were sold through the JC Penny catalogue and online at JCPenny.com.  Their cost was between $200 and $400.  Their sale dates were January, 1998 through December, 2008.

The Problem

It is possible for the drop sides of the cribs to malfunction, fail, or detach.  When the drop side moves out of position a space is created.  A toddler or an infant could become entrapped and could suffocate.  Incorrect assembly could also cause drop-side incidents, and so could normal wear and tear as the product ages.  Approximately 73,000 crib units are included in this recall which was issued on March 26th, 2013. Read the rest »