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Highway Patrol in 11 States Propose Challenge to Reduce Crashes on I-80

By Cullan & Cullan on July 25, 2013 - Comments off

According to a report by News 4, Highway Patrol agencies from Nebraska, California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey will be partnering up to propose an “I-80 Challenge” to motorists, which will take place from July 24 through July 31.

The Highway Patrol hopes the challenge will encourage motorists to be cautious while driving along the 2,900 mile highway that stretches across the nation. Their goal is to see a reduced number of accidents this summer and for the rest of the year.

According to data collected by the Highway Patrol, more than 21,000 people died in traffic accidents in 2011. Fifty-two percent of the fatalities involved people who were not wearing their seatbelts. Drunk driving incidents took the lives of approximately 9,900 people while more than 3,300 fatalities occurred due to distracted driving. Worst of all, speeding-relating accidents ended approximately an astonishing 10,000 lives. Read the rest »

CPSC Reports Macy’s Recall of 8,700 Infants’ First Impression Varsity Jackets

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The Nebraska product liability attorneys who are also doctors at Cullan & Cullan, LLC want consumers everywhere to be made aware of this important story.

As reported by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Macy’s was forced to recall approximately 8,700 Infants’ First Impressions Varsity Jackets. Although no injuries were reported by consumers, the product was determined to pose a choking hazard.

The defective hooded jackets were sold in two different color variations: navy blue with green and turquoise trim, or gray with yellow and navy trim and yellow sleeves. They can be identified by a label sewn into a seam on the inner part of the jacket. The label should read 1300, which is the product’s style number. Every jacket should also have a UPC code that corresponds to the jacket’s size. All the codes can be found on the CPSC website. Read the rest »

University of Nebraska Working on Quick Concussion-Detection Device

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According to a report by Education Week, the director of the University of Nebraska’s new Center for Brain, Biology and Behavior is planning for the development of a concussion detection tool that can be used on the sidelines of sports games. This will be especially valuable for detecting concussions in student-athletes minutes after the potential injury has occurred. The device will utilize a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) machine to track changes in brain activity.

“We can get an idea of what area of the brain is being involved in the process, whether the speed of processing is at the rate it should be,” the director said. “The different areas of the brain that normally integrate information quickly stop doing that, so that’s another way we should be able to pick up whether there is an injury or not.” Read the rest »

How to Protect Yourself from Common Medical Errors

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According to NCNewPress.com, a 2011 study published in Health Affairs found that medical errors are involved in a staggering 33 percent of all hospital admissions. A 1999 report made by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) found similarly shocking results: 98,000 deaths in the U.S. each year occur due to medical errors. Detection methods are used to prevent grievous patient errors, yet they miss 90 percent of medical mistakes.

Although medical errors cannot be completely avoided, there are ways in which patients can reduce the chances of common medical errors happening to them. Read the rest »

Truck Drivers Express Discontent with New Safety Rules

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Omaha Truck AccidentAccording to a report by CNBC, the Department of Transportation (DOT) has enacted new rules, active from July 1, that require truck drivers to take longer breaks and spend less time on the road. More specifically, maximum workweek hours have been cut down from 82 to 70, and drivers are now expected to take a half-hour break in the first eight hours of driving.

The Obama Administration is making a push to make roadways safer for everyone. The new rules function to prevent truck accidents and fatalities. A safety rating system that can be used by shippers has also been introduced with the hope that the trucking industry will be forced to improve its own safety standards. Read the rest »

“Buff Baby” Baby Rattles Recalled in the Tens of Thousands

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A United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) report states that about 47,500 “Buff Baby” baby rattles have been pulled from the shelves nationwide in the U.S. in addition to 9,300 in Canada.

The plastic rattle is of gray color and looks like a dumbbell. Plastic pellets are contained inside the rattle. The dimensions of the rattle are 5.5-inches long and 2-inches wide. On each end of the rattle, a “0.2” label can be found embossed into the material. The rattle’s package is clear and cylindrical and features a picture of a child holding the rattle high over her head.

Distributor of the “Buff Baby” rattles, Fred & Friends, has received two reports of the rattle caps disconnecting. Although no injuries were reported, the small pellets contained inside the rattle were determined to pose a choking hazard to small children. Read the rest »