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Nebraska Couple Endangered after Unknowingly Buying Unsafe “Totaled” Used Car

By Cullan & Cullan on March 6, 2013 - Comments off

Courtesy of, in a report published on February 27, a Nebraska couple recently purchased a used car that had been declared “totaled,” yet still repaired and sold to them with nothing on the title to indicate that the car could be unsafe. Automobile insurance companies declare a wrecked vehicle ‘totaled” if they consider it unable to be repaired. A ‘totaled” vehicle is one that has sustained severe damage as the result of a crash or a natural disaster, such as a violent storm, tornado, hurricane, etc.

Insurance companies consider a car to be “totaled” when the cost to repair the vehicle is more than a certain percentage (51 to 80 percent) of its market value.

At Cullan & Cullan, LLC our Omaha car accident injury lawyers understand that a car accident is not always a true accident. The car itself may have been poorly manufactured with parts that malfunction and may contribute to crashes. Unsafe vehicles may be sold to unsuspecting consumers who are not aware they are putting their families’ safety in jeopardy. Read the rest »