DePuy Hip Implant Failure

Jury Awards 8.3 Million against Johnson & Johnson DePuy Unit over Hip Implant

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Nebraska Hip Implant FailureA Los Angeles jury has awarded $8.3 million in compensation to a man, stating that the faulty design of the ASR XL replacement hip caused him injury. That is the first lawsuit of 10,750 to go to trial over the medical device, according to Bloomberg News.

The jury did determine that Johnson & Johnson’s DePuy unit had warned consumers of the risks associated with the metal-on-metal hip implant and consequently did not owe punitive damages. The attorney for the claimant issued a statement saying that the medical device is not just an imperfect hip; it is also a health disaster. He hopes the decision will encourage companies that manufacture medical devices to do the job right.
93,000 of the hip implants in question were recalled by Johnson & Johnson in August of 2010. The company admitted a failure rate of 12 percent over a five-year period. Read the rest »

US Drug Watchdog Offers Assistance to DePuy ASR Hip Implant Recipients

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NE Hip Replacement Defect InjuryThe US Drug Watchdog, the premier medical device and pharmaceutical watchdog in the U.S., is aggressively expanding its initiative to provide aid to recipients of the DePuy ASR hip implant. In a report from the Digital Journal, US Drug Watchdog notes that of the more than 40,000 recipients of the recalled DePuy ASR metal on metal hip implant, only 3,400 have been identified thus far, causing the group to be concerned. The New York Times states that the metal on metal hip implants are failing at high rates within a few years as opposed to lasting 15 years or more as artificial joints normally do.

The group is urging recipients of the hip implant, as well as friends and family of anyone who has received the DePuy ASR hip implant, also called the DePuy Pinnacle hip implant, to contact the US Drug Watchdog for assistance. For information regarding the hip implant failure or assistance finding a high caliber, qualified attorney to assist them in pursuing a lawsuit against the manufacturer, the group can be reached by calling (866) 714-6466 or online via its website at Read the rest »

New Senate Bill Will Require Companies to Track Implants

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Nebraska DePuy Hip Replacement LawsuitA new bill has been introduced in the Senate that would require medical device manufacturing companies to track artificial knees, hips, and other implants. According to, the bill would allow the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to coerce companies to track implants, such as replacement hips, “that belong to a category of products that do not require human testing for approval”.

The reason for the introduction of the bill was due to the problems that have surfaced regarding the DePuy hip implant and Zimmer Knee implants. Many critical medical implants, including these, have been approved without any human testing under a divisive FDA provision known as the 510(k) approval process. This approval process rests on the notion that if a similar device is already on the market, then little or no testing is needed for the new device. Read the rest »

Lawsuits Continue to Increase for Complications with DePuy Hip Replacements

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After receiving over 2,000 lawsuits, with 350 alone coming in August, DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc. is attempting to deal with the fallout over their voluntarily-recalled ASR XL Acetabular System and DePuy ASR Hip Resurfacing System, both used for hip replacement surgery. The Johnson & Johnson-owned company has come under fire in the past year for a high rate of early failure in its hip replacement devices, causing some patients to suffer joint dislocation, pain, swelling, and even damage to the central nervous system, thyroid, and heart.

With lawsuits continuing to pour in, DePuy is attempting to stem the tide by trying to identify possible claimants before they file and evaluating the victims, according to Reuters. The tactic has become controversial, as the doctors diagnosing patients are being paid indirectly by DePuy, which some see as possibly leading to a conflict of interest. DePuy intends to cover the costs of services and surgeries caused by the failed devices. Read the rest »