Cullan & Cullan Represent Widower in Nebraska Medical Malpractice Case

By Cullan & Cullan on July 29, 2011 - Comments off

An Omaha doctor has been fined $5,000 by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services after being found to have provided “substandard medical care” and “unprofessional conduct.” The Department of Health brought the action against the doctor for what they said was inappropriate use of antibiotics and X-rays, saying his practices demonstrate “a dangerous pattern of practice and reflect a serious neglect.” Specifically, the Department of Health looked at three cases where the doctor inappropriately used numerous sinus X-rays, overused antibiotic injections, improperly used a nasal swab, and failed to refer a patient to an ear, nose, and throat specialist.

The doctor is also being sued by the husband of a woman who was treated by the doctor. The man is being represented by the Nebraska medical malpractice attorneys of Cullan & Cullan. He alleges that the doctor gave his wife antibiotics that she was allergic to and then she died. The doctor denies that the antibiotics are related to the woman’s death and also disputes the action brought against him by the Department of Health. He maintains that these accusations are “basically someone’s opinion” and that medicine isn’t “one size fits all.” In addition to the fine, the doctor will have to complete a medical course and remain under the supervision of another physician for one year.

The lawyers at Cullan & Cullan are also physicians, so we have a unique perspective on medical malpractice cases, which has given us a proven track record of success in this area. Our Omaha medical malpractice attorneys understand the responsibilities that physicians have to their patients as well as the right of patients. We fight aggressively on the behalf of our clients and help through the process of getting compensation the compensation they need and deserve for their injuries. Call 1-402-397-7600 today for a free consultation.

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