Emergency Room Accidents

Emergency Room Accident Prevention: Tips to Plan Ahead for an Emergency Room Trip

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Annually, emergency rooms across the U.S. see more than 123 million visitors, and the constant demand for professional medical care to treat injured and ill patients may lead to mistakes, errors in judgment, and failure of medical care. Emergency room malpractice and negligence, such as errors in diagnosis, unnecessary surgery, and misread X-ray results, can cause undue damage and significant harm to emergency room patients.

In order to prevent a serious emergency room accident, increase efficiency, and improve processes while you are seeking emergency care, Nebraskans should consider the following tips to prepare for possible future trips to the emergency room:

  • Consider keeping a current patient medical history diary to track things such as medication usage and immunizations. In the event the ER you are visiting is not associated with your primary care doctor, keeping a medical history record can be very beneficial. Read the rest »

What Can Cause Emergency Room Malpractice?

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Emergency Room Accident LawsuitEach year in the United States, over 123 million Americans visit the emergency room (E.R.) for their urgent medical needs. With this astounding number of emergency room visits and the constant demand for medical care, E.R.’s across the country have a high rate of medical error that can cause an even higher number of medical malpractice suits.

Below is some general information on emergency room malpractice and accidents so you can be well informed if you ever experience a problem in the E.R.

Causes of E.R. Malpractice and Accidents

The nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals who comprise an emergency room staff work in a very high stress environment, needing to respond quickly to a variety of illnesses and injuries while dealing with patients they likely have not treated before. Also, emergency rooms tend to be understaffed and overcrowded, causing additional stress for healthcare providers. Unsanitary conditions, inadequate training, and inadequate procedures (such as record keeping or patient tracking) are also possible causes for malpractice and accidents. Read the rest »