“Octomom” Doctor Loses License

By Cullan & Cullan on June 6, 2011 - Comments off

In January 2009 Nadya Suleman made national news by giving birth to only the second full set of live octuplets born in the United States. She conceived the octuplets through in vitro fertilization (IVF). As time went on, the controversy about Ms. Suleman grew as it was revealed that she was already mother to six children and was unemployed and dependent on government assistance at the time. Attention soon turned to the doctor who helped Suleman become pregnant with the octuplets (as well as her six previous children).

The California state medical board began an investigation on Suleman’s doctor, Dr. Michael Kamrava. The investigation found that the doctor implanted Suleman with 12 embryos; about ten more than is typical for a woman of her age and health. The board called this action an “extreme” departure from the standard of care. The board also stated that Kamrava “did not exercise sound judgment, committed gross negligence, repeated negligent acts, and [showed] incompetence.” He is being cited for the Suleman case as well as two other cases involving fertility treatments. As a result of all this, the state medical board has revoked his medical license.

As patients, we rely on our physicians to make the best decisions about our care. Especially at such a sensitive time as conceiving a child, doctors must use excellent judgment as to what is best for the patient. Unfortunately, as is evidenced in this case, doctors do not always fulfill their duties. If you have been the victim of medical negligence, the medical malpractice Omaha lawyers at Cullan & Cullan can help you. We have experience in both the legal and medical fields, giving us the edge our clients need in their medical malpractice cases. Call Cullan & Cullan today at 1-402-397-7600 to see how our knowledgeable team can help you.

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