Omaha Man Dies in I-80 Truck Crash

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An Omaha man, age 48, was killed in a two-semi truck collision on I-80.  As reported by ABCK2 TV, upon the arrival at the scene of the crash, state troopers found one tractor trailer truck already on fire.  According to State Trooper Troy Marrs, one truck rear-ended the other which was traveling very slowly in the eastbound land of I-80.  According to witnesses, the tractor and the trailer it struck became immediately engulfed in flames and remained burning for as much as one hour.

The driver and co-driver of the tractor that was struck got out of his truck and tried to get near enough to the other tractor to see if they could help the driver, but it was too late; the truck was already fully engulfed in flames.  At that time an explosion occurred.  They could not help the driver.  They returned to their tractor and separated their tractor from its trailer.  Then they pulled away from the trailer fearing the flames would spread.

Firemen, police, and the coroner were on the scene all morning and into the afternoon.  The driver of the truck that was struck from behind was treated and released from the hospital.  The co-driver was uninjured.

Police are investigating why one truck was traveling at such a slow speed.  They are looking into the possibility of mechanical issues.  There will be a complete inspection of the tractor and the driver will be interviewed again in order to determine why the truck was moving so slowly.

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