Train Accident

Train Accidents: Causes and Tips for Prevention

By Cullan & Cullan on December 11, 2012 - Comments off

NE Train Accident Passenger InjuryTrain accidents are exceptionally dangerous and are unfortunately common across the nation. According to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), more than 3,000 train accidents occur annually in the U.S., which lead to death, severe injuries, and property damage. In addition, national statistics show that there is a U.S. train accident every two hours. With these alarming statistics, it is essential Nebraska residents understand the causes of train accidents and are aware of safety tips that can keep you safe while near or crossing a railroad track.

There are a number of causes of train accidents, but some of the primary causes include: human factors; equipment defects; defects with signals; and a defect with the train track. As most of these causes are out of your control, practicing safety when you are walking near train tracks in Nebraska or are crossing them with your vehicle can help prevent a dangerous accident. Read the rest »